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Eye Shadow

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Cream Eye Shadow

Organic Palm Oil, Minerals

For those who can't wear makeup, this cream eyeshadow is for you!  And even for those who can, but want a truely clean makeup.

 Mineral powders are natural occuring minerals that come in many colors.  Add in some organic palm oil and you have the perfect blend of natural color for the eyes.  

Using your finger, Q-tip or shadow brush, apply a small amount to your eyelid and rub in.  Apply more for a darker color.  

The eyeshadow has a soft, creamy texture that blends into bare skin very nicely.

We use only Spectrum Organic Palm Oil which is certified organic and sustainable.  This is a quote from the company "we are vigilant about the sourcing, production, and packaging of our products – with the goal of leaving as small a footprint as possible, and sustaining resources for the future."

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